These General Terms and Conditions of Sale govern online sales of LILÙ products via the website www.lilu.be by the company MAISON DEQUANTER SPRL, with its registered office at 9, Rue du Bailli, 1000 Brussels and registered with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises under the number BE 0411.909.411 (hereafter ‘Maison Dequanter’), contactable via the email address info@lilu.be and telephone number +32 2 511 20 50.

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale (‘GTCS’) apply exclusively to all orders of products from Maison Dequanter submitted via www.lilu.be (‘the Website’) by any natural person (hereafter ‘the Customer’). These GTCS are available on the Website, and are brought to the attention of the Customer before they submit their order. The Customer can only submit their order if they expressly consent to these GTCS. They contain information relating to the products, the different steps the Customer must take to submit an order, the forms of payment and delivery and the follow-up of the Customer’s order.

Information on all LILÙ products sold online by the company Maison Dequanter is available together with the reference numbers and prices for those products on the website www.lilu.be.

The prices of products are indicated on the Website in euros, including taxes, subject to the applicable VAT rate in Belgium. Transport and delivery costs are not included in the price. The total amount of the order you are intending to submit covers the following: price (including taxes) of the item(s); transport costs. Maison Dequanter reserves the right to modify its prices at any time. Transport costs vary depending on the product ordered, the mode of transport and the delivery address.

Maison Dequanter works exclusively in partnership with European suppliers in Italy, France, Spain and Germany, and guarantees that its products meet high quality standards.

The products for sale (‘Products’) are those described on the Website on the day it is consulted by the Customer. Two types of Product are available on the Website: ‘Signature Bags’ and ‘Customised Orders’. The Signature Bags available on the Website are in stock and exclusively reserved for direct sale in the ‘e-shop’ section. As such, the Customer can directly order one of these bags in this section of the Website. The price is that indicated on the Website, and delivery takes between 1 and 4 weeks (depending on destination). The Customer may alternatively order a model that is not in stock, which will be considered a ‘customised order’ as it includes specific requests by the Customer and/or personalisation (choice of leather, model, accessories etc.). In this case, the Customer can contact the company via the ‘Email Us’ option in order to find out if it is possible to order this type of bag. They will then be sent a confirmation email as soon as possible. A supplement of 10% will be added to the standard price of the model, and this will be indicated in the confirmation email. If the requested leather is in stock (which is usually the case), production of a customised order will take between 8 and 10 weeks, as the production process requires a substantial amount of time and expertise in line with LILÙ’s ‘slow fashion’ approach. If the requested leather is not available, the company Maison Dequanter will contact the Customer in order to discuss the availability of other leathers and the production and delivery times. Maison Dequanter reserves the right to use leather left over from a special order to produce further items that will be put on sale in its store at a normal price. This information is updated automatically in real time. However, Maison Dequanter cannot be held liable for any errors in updating the information, regardless of their cause. The photographs, graphics and descriptions of the Products for sale are merely indicative, and are not binding upon Maison Dequanter, in particular where there is a discrepancy between the Product characteristics and their representation and/or in cases of potential colour differences between the on-screen and real item.

Orders must be submitted on the Website www.lilu.be. When purchasing a Product for the first time, the Customer will have to set up a customer account and fill in an order form, providing certain mandatory information necessary for the processing of their order by Maison Dequanter (see Privacy Statement). The submission of orders via the Website is subject to respect of the procedure put in place by Maison Dequanter on the Website, which comprises successive steps as described below:

The Customer selects a Product by adding it to their cart after choosing their desired model and colour. They can access their cart at any time in order to modify or validate it. The cart icon in the top right corner of the screen confirms the Customer’s selections by indicating the number of Products in their cart.

The Customer checks the details of their shopping cart, which they can modify at any time, and then validates it after selecting their desired delivery method (home delivery or in-store collection). The total amount of the order, including taxes, only comprises the price of the Products at this stage. The delivery costs will be indicated at a later stage, during validation of the order.

If they have not done so already, the Customer creates their customer account by entering all the required information (delivery and billing address).

When validating the order summary, the Customer expressly consents to the general terms and conditions of sale applicable on the Website.

The Customer chooses their delivery method (the cost varies depending on the Product and destination), and then their payment method. They are then redirected to a secure payment site where they enter their payment details.

The Customer will receive an email confirming: receipt of their order; the details of the items ordered;-the total price; the delivery costs; an estimate of the delivery date/period; the chosen payment method.

Maison Dequanter reserves the right to withdraw any Product advertised on the Website at any time, and to replace or modify any content or information featured on the latter. Maison Dequanter reserves the right to refuse/cancel any order in the case of: abnormal or frivolous claims; abnormal order quantities; abnormal or frivolous returns and exchanges; existing disputes with the Customer; non-payment in full or in part of a previous order; provision of suspicious bank details; refusal of the payment method/credit card by banking institutions. Maison Dequanter cannot be held liable in such cases.

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The Customer selects their Product by clicking on the ‘EMAIL US’ button. The button is located below the price.

After clicking on the button, the Customer is redirected to a contact form that they are invited to complete if they wish to submit an order for the selected Product or receive additional information about the latter.

The Customer is requested to verify the information submitted in the contact form before validating and sending it. The Customer is free to modify the information entered in the contact form.

After verifying the information in the contact form and making any necessary changes, the Customer can validate and send the contact form. By validating and sending the contact form, the Customer confirms that they consent to the GTCS proposed on the Website. The Customer is also encouraged to explicitly grant their consent to the GTCS by including a simple sentence in their email. The GTCS are systematically attached to the response email in PDF format.

A confirmation email will be sent to the Customer as soon as possible in order to inform them of the price of the Product(s) and whether the order can be fulfilled or not. As stated above, a supplement of 10% will be added to the standard price of the model. Production takes between 8 and 10 weeks if the requested leather is in stock, and delivery takes between 1 and 4 weeks.

Maison Dequanter reserves the right to withdraw any Product advertised on the Website at any time, and to replace or modify any content or information featured on the latter. Maison Dequanter reserves the right to refuse/cancel any order in the case of: abnormal or frivolous claims; abnormal order quantities; abnormal or frivolous returns and exchanges; existing disputes with the Customer; non-payment in full or in part of a previous order; provision of suspicious bank details; refusal of the payment method/credit card by banking institutions. Maison Dequanter cannot be held liable in such cases.

Payment is made by card according to the secure payment protocol ‘Stripe’. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Bancontact. Stripe is a company with its registered address at 185 Berry Street, Suite 550, San Francisco, United States. For further information, Customers can visit the following website: https://stripe.com/fr Please note that we retain ownership of the items sold until payment in full of the price, including VAT and transport costs.

Maison Dequanter delivers to Belgium and certain European Union countries (the Netherlands, France, Germany, Luxembourg and Great Britain). If you wish to enquire about delivery to another destination, please contact us.

Maison Dequanter will do its utmost to ensure that the order is ready (received or shipped) within: 30 working days for Signature Bags; 60 working days for customised orders.

You can collect your Product(s) from our store: Boutique Lilu, 9, Rue du Bailli, 1000, Brussels. You can collect your Product(s) on the day they are ready during the opening hours of the store. We will contact you by email when your package is available for collection from our store. You can collect your package as soon as you have received this email. Please bring ID and a copy of your invoice.

For all orders delivered in Belgium and abroad, we use the courier ‘bpost’. Delivery is made to the delivery address indicated by the Customer, whereby this must be the home address of the Customer, a natural person of their choice or a legal entity (delivery to their company). Products cannot be delivered to hotels or postal boxes. If the Customer is not at home, and where this is technically feasible for the postal service, the Customer will receive a missed delivery note indicating the pick-up point where they will have to collect their parcel within 14 days, upon presentation of ID. If the parcel is not collected, the order will automatically be returned to Maison Dequanter, who will contact the Customer to organise redelivery at the latter’s expense. The delivery dates shown on the Website are purely indicative. Under no circumstances may late delivery be deemed as grounds for cancellation of the order or payment of compensation to the Customer. Delivery means physical transfer of possession of the Products to the Customer. The delivery costs applicable to the order are those shown on the Website at the time of ordering. If Maison Dequanter is responsible for transportation of the Product, the risk of loss or damage is transferred to the Customer once the parcel has been handed over to the transporter. Maison Dequanter cannot be held liable for delays in delivery due to events outside of its control, force majeure or bpost strikes.

The right of withdrawal may only be exercised in relation to Signature Bags (section 3.1.) and not customised orders (section 3.2.) produced according to customer specifications (Article VI.53 of the Belgian Code of Economic Law: ‘the consumer may not exercise the right of withdrawal (…) in relation to goods produced according to the consumer’s specifications or substantially customised goods’). In the case of the Signature Bags, if the Customer is not satisfied with the Product ordered, they have fourteen (14) days from receipt of the order to exercise the right of withdrawal by contacting Maison Dequanter. They do not need to provide grounds for their decision. To do so, the Customer must inform Maison Dequanter of their decision to withdraw by sending an email, indicating their name and surname, to the address info@lilu.be within the aforementioned time frame. The email must contain the name and a photograph of the Product, as well as a description of the bag. Maison Dequanter will then contact the Customer with respect to their withdrawal. The Products will be returned to Maison Dequanter at the following address: LILU, Rue du Bailli, n°9,1000 Brussels. Returns must be performed within fourteen (14) days following the day on which Maison Dequanter was informed of the Customer’s withdrawal decision. The cost of returns shall be borne exclusively by the Customer. It is advisable for the Customer to ensure the Product is well packaged and protected in order to prevent it from being damaged during transport. The Product must be unused. No refunds or exchanges will be granted for Products that are returned incomplete, worn, damaged, sullied or in any other state that may reasonably give rise to suspicion that the Product has been used, and the Product will be returned to the Customer by post. Refunds for Signature Bags will be credited to the bank account used to pay for the order as soon as possible, and at the latest within 20 days following receipt of the Product in-store. Refunds shall only be paid once Maison Dequanter has received the returned Products and a request for a refund/withdrawal.

The liability of Maison Dequanter with respect to all Products purchased on the Website is strictly limited to an obligation of means. Maison Dequanter cannot be held liable for incidents or damages inherent to the use of the Internet, in particular service disruption, malicious acts or external intrusion. Maison Dequanter is bound exclusively to supply the Products in accordance with the contractual terms. The Products shall be considered in conformity with the contractual terms if the following conditions are met: the Products conform to the description and possess the characteristics shown on the Website; the Products are suitable for the purpose generally envisaged for such products; the Products meet the generally accepted quality and durability criteria that can reasonably be expected of products of this type.

In the event of force majeure, as defined in settled case law, the services provided by LILÙ will be suspended in full or in part. Force majeure covers any external, unforeseen and insurmountable event that prevents LILÙ from performing its contractual obligations, including interruptions of production, supply problems or shortages of raw materials, delays in delivery or any other incident that may arise. Should an event qualifying as force majeure in accordance with the previous paragraph occur, LILÙ undertakes to notify the Customer as soon as possible.

Should one or several clauses of the GTCS be declared null and void, this shall not affect the validity and respect of these GTCS.

These general terms and conditions of sale are governed by Belgian law. Any dispute arising between the Parties with respect to the form, interpretation and/or execution of these conditions shall fall under the exclusive competence of the Brussels courts if no amicable settlement can be found.

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